EPFL unveils drone delivery on campus

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PackDrone with Dronistics has marked its achivements on EPFL campus with

150 Successful deliveries

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PackDrone with amazing features

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Storage volume reduction of 90%


The cage protect people, drone and parcel


Easy to store and transport

Easy to use

WebApp controlled navigation


0.5Kg parcel

GPS navigation

Fully autonomous


Last cm delivery

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More about the project

At the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems we are working on a research project concerning a personal and human friendly drone delivery system.

The drone

The PackDrone is safe by design. The cage protects people, the parcel and the drone. Moreover, the drone is foldable in order to save storage space and to facilitate its transportation to the deployment location. Its volume is reduced by 90% and can be folded in a single movement. The design is patent pending.

The system

The drone is connected to the Internet via 4G modem and it is controlled by the WebApp application Dronistics available on any device e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop. The delivery is fully autonomous using GPS. The software has a series of safety checks to ensure safety for people during flight and while unloading the parcel.

EPFL deliveries

We are conducting delivery tests of items at the EPFL campus during July 2017. These tests are made to validate the robustness of the whole system in order to extend service of drone deliveries in the future to any location on the campus.

This gives you a very unique opportunity to take part in the world’s first drone delivery trials on a university campus.

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