Human-Friendly Drone Delivery System

for last centimeter delivery

Recipient: Receive deliveries to your location
Sender: Send your drone to any recipient


The first patented drone of Dronistics!

Storage volume reduction of 90%


The cage protects people, the drone and the parcel


Easy to store and transport

Easy to use

WebApp controlled navigation


0.5 kg parcels

GPS navigation

Fully autonomous


Last cm delivery

Precisely and directly to your hands

Next generation software solutions

Webapps that simplify delivery process

Sender App

For logistics, rescue and emergency missions

The sender application is a reliable app which provides a unique way to deliver parcels to the recipient’s location.

You can remotely issue commands to deliver the cargo to the recipient's location and monitor all of its resources such as battery level or drone position.

Recipient App

Need anything at your location? Ask the app.

  • Platform independent application
  • Allows to specify exact delivery location
  • Shows the location of the UAV once assigned
  • Keeps track of existing deliveries in real-time

More about the system

Dronistics is developing a personal and human friendly drone delivery system for last centimeter delivery to hard-to-reach places.

The drone

The PackDrone is safe by design. The cage protects people, the parcel and the drone. Additionally, the drone is foldable in order to save storage space and to facilitate its transportation to the deployment location. Its volume is reduced by 90% when folded, which can be done in a single movement. The design is patent pending.

The software

The drone is connected to the internet via 4G modem and it is controlled by the web application of Dronistics available on any device e.g. smartphone, tablet or laptop. The delivery is fully autonomous using GPS. The software has a series of safety checks to ensure safety for people during flight and while unloading the parcel.


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